Soundwave Hearing
Packaging, Manuals, etc.
SontroAI-packaging-sleeve v7.png

I have recently done some freelance work creating user manuals, diagrams, product packaging, trade brochures and the like for the startup hearing aid company, Soundwave. The majority of this work has to be turned around quickly and also be agile, due to the rapidly changing nature of a new business.

I was also on hand for several rounds of content organizing, text editing and quite a bit of writing throughout the process.

sell sheet box-03.png

Print proof of the hearing aid packaging sleeve, and the final mockup used in marketing materials as well as on their site

For the 50+ page User Manual in addition to layout and design, I created fresh assets to show how the wax guards are placed through a combination of designing in Illustrator and using low-cost hand assets from the Noun Project. The goal was to generate diagrams that complemented their existing branding and style guides.

swave 3.png

In addition, I was responsible for creating brochures for trade shows that needed to be concise, and to convey consistent branding with the rest of the business.

trade mock.png