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"Nomadic Studio was always humming– the palpable dynamism would have made most museums cringe with envy."

--Thea Liberty Nichols, from her review in Bad at Sports

Nomadic Studio
Guest curator, designer, artist, producer.
I have been developing a retrospective site including an extensive 18,000 word tour of the exhibit. It's still under wraps, but you can sneak a peek here.

Nomadic Studio was a 4.5 month interactive exhibition with approximately 30 events,150 artists/educators/presenters, over 400 pieces of art and a completely designed, built, and functioning workspace. We did most of the work ourselves. From concept design, print design & production, art direction, installations, construction, art object design, video, audio, web design, art & event planning, etc.

Our intention was to celebrate the incidental, provisional, mobile, and related sites of production. We built various functioning studios within the space while also exhibiting beautiful art on the gallery walls (including our installations) that rotated with the monthly theme. We envisioned a place where people would feel welcome to sit, have a conversation, create, teach and learn.

Our exhibit was part of Studio Chicago, a yearlong collaborative project that focused on the artist’s studio. Through exhibitions, talks, publications, tours, and research, participating organizations celebrated the working artist and revealed their sites of creative production from historical and contemporary perspectives. Other partners included Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, Columbia College, Gallery 400, Hyde Park Art Center, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Threewalls.

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