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"He hasn't just helped himself be accomplished: he has helped tons of students become successful."

- Former Student


1993 - Now

I have been teaching for a very long time. It was my first job, and is still my current job. I have held a full-time or part-time teaching position (sometimes both simultaneously) for my entire professional career.  It's what I'm drawn to, and what I look for in my work. The youngest student I've taught was three, and the oldest probably about sixty. They've learned from me, and I've definitely learned from them. My roughly-calculated estimate is that I've taught about ten thousand people how to do something.

To me, Education is the cornerstone of our civilization, and I am a happy participant in all of it. To really teach someone something, you have to take it apart and learn it yourself first. Sometimes (well, often times) you have to admit you don't know something, go home, figure it out, and then come back to explain it the next day. Sometimes you have to find someone much smarter than you, and have them do the explaining.


I'm fascinated by the educational process. Educational theory, best teaching practices, collaborative learning for multiple intelligences, fair but rigorous assessment, and most everything else learning-related comes pretty naturally to me. It's an approach that's folded into all of my work, and has defined how I interact with the world. I could go on at length about the places and spaces that I've taught, the subjects I've had to absorb and present, and the incredibly diverse backgrounds of all of my students, but that can all be found on my resume.  Mostly, I'm here to learn more, and to help others do the same.

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