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This is a thorough, but likely incomplete, collection of Panels, Performances, Recordings, and other instances of my creative work in the public sphere.

Panels, Presentations and Workshops


Dec 10 Grant writing for music installs zoom @ GCE Lab School

Mon Nov 09 Interview by Amy Hauenstein for Creative Connect for MSLCE @Northwestern University

May 30 How do we Talk/Write About Food workshop zoom @ GCE Lab School



Jun 19 Indie vs. Major Labels Moderator w/Martin Atkins, Jason Anthony Valcarcel, Bridget Hermann, Jake Hirshland, Jeff Becker @ 2112

Mar 26 Booking A Small, Regional Tour Panel Moderator w/Zenep Husenaj, Vinnie Hines, Nina Swint, Jaime Garza @ 2112

Mar 14 Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Panel w/Andrew Wiedner, and Rodrigo Zavala @ Wiedner-McAuliffe



Thu Mar 30 Electrical Audio field trip for GCE Lab School @ Electrical Audio

Fri Mar 24 Faiz Zeppelin music workshop @ GCE Lab School



Summer Architecture Course-Playground Design (2 courses) @ Evanston Art Center: Evanston, IL



Summer Architecture Course-Playground Design (2 courses) @ Evanston Art Center: Evanston, IL

Summer Comics, Zines, and Graphic Novels @ Evanston Art Center: Evanston, IL

Summer Mathematics as Art Course-Geodesic Domes @ Evanston Art Center: Evanston, IL

Winter Comic Book Making at EAC w/Jerry Hausman



Summer Architecture Course-Playground Design @ Evanston Art Center: Evanston, IL

Summer Architecture Course-Treehouse Design @ Evanston Art Center: Evanston, IL

Summer Mathematics as Art Course-Geodesic Domes @ Evanston Art Center: Evanston, IL

Winter Comic Book Making



Faiz Razi and Beth Wiedner for SITE w/the Yes Men @ Co-Prosperity sphere



Multicultural Arts High School End of year session for Musical Chairs + the $4 4-Track


Live Performances


Sun Oct 27 Small Awesome w/Calvin @ the Long Room

Mon Oct 21 SIRS, Atkins-Meehan, Cheer-Accident, etc. w/Steve Albini and others for Warmowski Memorial @ Metro

Sat Oct 19 Small Awesome, Blank Banker w/the Rutabaga and others for PRF Campout @ Camp Pretty Lake - Mattawan, MI

Sat Jun 08 Faiz Zeppelin (secret headliner) w/the Cell Phones and others for the PRF BBQ @ Workshop 400



Wed Sep 12 Small Awesome for Paper Machete w/Marina Franklin and others @ the Green Mill

Mon Jun 25 Small Awesome CAN TV recording for “Rock Opera” @ CAN TV Studios

Sun Jun 24 Small Awesome for PRF BBQ w/Lung and others @ Workshop 4200

Sun Apr 15 Small Awesome Eight-Year Anniversary Show 2 sets @ the Long Room



Fri May 19 Small Awesome for Refugee One Benefit w/the Columbines @ Township

Sat Apr 15 Small Awesome for SONGER Birthday w/Gay Name @ Township



Sat Oct 22 Small Awesome for Dinner Show w/Minutes, Anybody But The Cops, and others for PRF Campout @ Camp Pretty Lake - Mattawan, MI

Sat Sep 17 Small Awesome w/Columbines, Gay Name, Life on Mercury @ Illuminated Brew Works

Sat Aug 06 the Hype! Eichenseer/Daubner Wedding @ Garden Gables - Sister Bay, WI

Mon Aug 01 Small Awesome w/Hungry Man, Out, and Petrillo @ Township

Fri Apr 15 Small Awesome for Dudley Digest Episode 1 w/Mr. King @ Chez Razi



Wed Aug 12 Small Awesome w/Breathe Owl Breathe, and Coins @ Schuba’s

Sat May 09 Faiz Razi “black dub 21:12” live demonstration w/Sid Yiddish and others for Sound as Bar Material @ K’s Dugout

Mon Feb 23 Faiz Razi w/Dave Norwood @ K’s Dugout



Dec Faiz Razi “Apparitions” scored movement performance for Nana Shineflug and Chicago Moving Co. @ the Hamlin Park Fieldhouse

Sun Jun 22 Small Awesome w/HUM and others for PRF BBQ @ Borelli’s

Sat Jun 15 the Hype! Goodwin/Reilly Wedding @ Salvage One

Thu Jan 29 Small Awesome w/Bric-A-Brac and Coltrane Motion @ Schuba’s



Sun Nov 03 Small Awesome w/Five-Eight, Tim & Andy, Marmora and Grel @ Live Wire

Wed Jul 03 the Hype! Performance/interview w/Tony Sarabia for the Morning Shift On-Air @ WBEZ

Sat Apr 27 Small Awesome w/the Cell Phones, Bone and Bell, Swimsuit Addition, BBGS @ Metropolis Coffee Warehouse

Fri Mar 08 noise&light w/Bully Pulpit and Thoughts Detecting Machines @ Garden of Miracles



Thu Dec 27 Faiz Zeppelin w/Fake Limbs @ Schuba’s

Sat Nov 03 noise&light w/others for Rodeo @ Klas: Cicero, IL

Sat Jul 21 the Hype! Biscan/Fryday Wedding @ the Hideout

Sun Jul 01 Tourism w/others for PRF BBQ @ Helium

Sun Jul 01 noise&light w/others for PRF BBQ @ Helium

Sat Jun 30 Walking Shadow w/others for PRF BBQ @ Helium

Thu Jun 28 Small Awesome w/Gay Name and Loex for PRF BBQ @ Kitchen Sink



Sat Oct 29 noise&light Tourism for Bennett/Van DeKolk Zombie Wedding @ Catalyst

Fri Sep 30 Small Awesome w/Bottomless Pit and others for PRF Auktoberfyst @ Klas: Cicero, IL

Sat Sep 24 Faiz Zeppelin w/Give Back, Jah Skoob, and others for Bob’s Benefit Pig Roast @ Farster’s

Sat Aug 06 Small Awesome w/Bone and Bell, Jimmy Two-Hands @ Caffeinated Recording

Sat Jul 16 Faiz Zeppelin w/Trophy Wives and others for Elliot Turton Back-to-life Benefit @ Quencher’s

Sat Jun 25 Walking Shadow w/others for PRF BBQ @ the Observatory

Thu Jun 23 the Hype! W/others for PRF BBQ @ the Observatory

Sat Apr 30 Faiz Zeppelin w/the Columbines for FZ T-shirt Release Show @ Hideout

Sat Apr 23 Tourism w/others for Version Fest’s MDW Fair @ the GeoLofts

Fri Apr 15 Small Awesome w/Mike Watt and the Missingmen for “We Jam Econo” Q+A and “Awesome” ep release @ Schuba’s

Sat Feb 05 the Hype! w/others for the PRF Winter Cauldron @ Metropolis Coffee Warehouse

Sat Feb 05 Tourism w/others for the PRF Winter Cauldron @ Metropolis Coffee Warehouse



Dec 13 Small Awesome w/Lines & Terminals and Transmontane @ Quenchers

Sun Nov 20 Tourism on the Convertible Stage for Nomadic Studio @ DePaul Art Museum

Sat Oct 15 Small Awesome w/Zoom, Five-Eight, big’n and others for PRF Auktoberfest @ Klas: Cicero, IL

Fri Oct 16 the Hype! w/ the Conformists and others for PRF Friday Night Lights @ Quenchers

Sat Jul 24 Small Awesome w/Post Honeymoon and Coins @ Hideout

Mon Jul 19 Faiz Zeppelin w/Light Coma @ Schuba’s

Thu Jul 08 Small Awesome w/Steve Albini, Bric-A-Brac, and onono in the Rumpus Room for Nomadic Studio Opening @ DePaul Art Museum

Fri Jun 25 Small Awesome w/Crooked Fingers @ Schuba’s

Jun the Hype! and Faiz Zeppelin w/others for PRF BBQ @ Th.Ink

Sat May 20 Small Awesome w/Begin By Gathering Supplies, the Biltmores, and Baby Magic @ the Beat Kitchen

Thu Apr 15 Small Awesome w/Whales and the Infrasonics @ Quenchers



Fri Jun 05 the Hype! and Faiz Zeppelin w/the Bitter Tears, .22, Conformists and others for PRF BBQ @ Union Rock Yards



Sun Nov 16 Faiz Zeppelin (solo) w/the Independents and Willis P. Jenkins @ A\V-Aerie

Sat Oct Faiz Zeppelin (solo) @ Bob’s BBQ

Sat Sep 27 Faiz Zeppelin (solo) w/others for Nuwava Fest @ the Mutiny

Summer Faiz Zeppelin Guerrilla Residency @ Piece and Pontiac



Fri Nov 09 joesepi w/ the Bitter Tears, .22, and Let’s Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop @Reggie’s

Thu Oct 18 joesepi w/ for Radio One Live @ Blam! Studios WLUW

Sat Sep 15 joesepi w/ others for Ouchofest 9 @ Mutiny

Sat Aug 25 joesepi w/The Life and Times, Quatre-Tete, and Soft Targets@ the Note

Sun Mar 03 joesepi w/.22, the Family Ghost, Chris Brokaw and others for Silkworm Salut @ Empty Bottle



Sat Apr 29 Danger Adventure w/Baby Teeth @ Hideout

Thu Apr 27 Danger Adventure w/Jason Kyrouac’s band on Radio One for WLUW @ Blam! Studios



Fri Jun 10 Danger Adventure w/Electrelane and Coltrane Motion @ Empty Bottle

Sat May 14 Danger Adventure w/Monade and the Zincs @ the Abbey Pub

Mon May 09 Danger Adventure for Live from the Fallout Shelter On Air: Lowell, MA

Sun May 08 Danger Adventure w/? @ Flywheel Arts: Northampton, MA

Sat May 07 Danger Adventure w/N0-Things, Illumina and Les Sans Culottes @ the Delancey: New York, NY

Fri May 06 Danger Adventure w/Illumina @ the Manhattan Room: Philadelphia: PA

Thu May 05 Danger Adventure w/the Jimmy Chamberlain Complex @ DC9: Washington, DC

Tue Apr 05 Danger Adventure w/Tarantula and Willis P. Jenkins @ Subterranean

Mar 12 Danger Adventure w/Five Mod Four and ? @ Riverwest Commons: Milwaukee, WI

Feb 25 Danger Adventure w/the Flesh and Red Swan? @ Mac’s Bar: Lansing, MI

Mon Jan 24 Danger Adventure w/Detholz! And volcano! @ Empty Bottle



Thu Dec 02 Danger Adventure w/U.S. Maple and Racoo-oo-oon @ Gabe’s Oasis: Iowa City, IA

Mon Nov 15 Danger Adventure w/Dogs Die in Hot Cars and the Flesh @ Schuba’s

Sat Oct 02 Danger Adventure w/the National Strike and Echo Kitty for Pop Montreal @ Les Minots: Montreal, Canada

Fri Oct 01 Danger Adventure w/High Water Marks @ Cornell University: Ithaca, NY

Thu Sep 30 Danger Adventure w/High Water Marks and Caralina @ Club Metronome: Burlington, VT

Thu Sep 24 Danger Adventure w/High Water Marks and Shitake Make @ Bottom Lounge

Wed Sep 08 Danger Adventure on Radio One for WLUW @ Blam! Studios

Sat Jul 24 Danger Adventure w/volcano! He Can Jog, and Darling @ Subterranean

Thu Apr 29 Danger Adventure w/Baby Teeth and Manishevitz @ Empty Bottle

Fri Apr 16 Danger Adventure w/Elf Power and Zumm Zumm @ Schuba’s

Thu Apr 08 Danger Adventure w/Les Philippes @ Sidecar: Barcelona, Spain

Tue Apr 06 Danger Adventure In-store @ FNAC: Barcelona, Spain

Sat Apr 03 Danger Adventure w/Les Philippes @ Mardi Gras: A Coruña, Spain

Fri Apr 02 Danger Adventure w/Les Philippes @ the Iguana: Vigo, Spain

Thu Apr 01 Danger Adventure w/Les Philippes @ Sala Nasti: Madrid, Spain

Fri Mar 26 Danger Adventure w/Street Van, Segway, Bucket Shop and Banana Sac @ Wise Fool’s Pub

Fri Feb 06 Danger Adventure w/the M’s and Kim @ Schuba’s



Thu Dec 11 Danger Adventure w/Plane, Health and Beauty, and Chalet Chalet, @ Metro

Fri Oct 17 Danger Adventure w/Cooksie, Naughty Candy, and others for Don’t Quit Your Day Job @ Beat Kitchen

Thu Sep 25 Danger Adventure w/Detholz! and The Demilos @ the Abbey Pub

Wed Sep 10 Danger Adventure w/the Foibles and Slumbersonics for Mondo Happening @ the Viaduct Theatre

Thu Jun 26 Danger Adventure w/12Twelve and Elizabeth Elmore @ Nevin’s Live: Evanston, IL

Fri Jun 13 Danger Adventure w/Document. Great Iron Highway, and Joiya @ the Magic Stick: Detroit, MI

Thu Apr 17 Danger Adventure w/Bloodthirsty Lovers, Essex Green @ Schuba’s

Thu Mar 27 Danger Adventure w/Avocet and O’Fays @ Beat Kitchen

Sun Jan 29 Danger Adventure w/the M’s on Chic-A-Go-Go @ Channel 19

Thu Jan 23 Danger Adventure w/O’Fays, Bitter Tears of Petra Van Kant for Thax Douglas Benefit @ Hideout



Sat Dec 21 Danger Adventure w/the Children’s Hour, Cemor RAM, Brendon Massei, Dead Dorks @ Hideout

Wed Oct 30 Danger Adventure w/Bric-A-Brac and Stories for Boys for Chang’s Martial Arts Kids Tournament Benefit @ Hideout

Sat Oct 26 Danger Adventure w/Bric-A-Brac, Humboldt Two, Kelly and Todd Kessler and the Wichita Shut-ins featuring Lawrence Peters for Children’s Place Benefit @ A. Finkl & Sons

Fri Oct 18 Danger Adventure w/Jupiter and Utah Carol @ Nevin’s Live: Evanston, IL

Mon Aug 26 Danger Adventure w/My Secret Service and Plane @ Empty Bottle

Sat Aug 10 Danger Adventure w/the Black Keys, the Millions, the Lovelies @ Beat Kitchen

Mon Jul 01 Danger Adventure on WIIT 88.9

Thu Jun 20 Danger Adventure w/Bric-A-Brac and Meringue @ Martyr’s

Tue May 21 Danger Adventure w/Cemor RAM and Limbs Act More Like the Heart @ Prodigal Son

Sun Apr 28 Danger Adventure w/Rectangle, Loops and Lyrics By Otter and Paul Kotheimer for A.W.A.R.E. Benefit @ the High Dive: Champaign, IL

Sat Feb 23 Danger Adventure w/Rectangle and the Empty Orchestra @ the Illini Union: Urbana, IL

Fri Feb 16 Danger Adventure w/Fall Out Boy, Irene May, Sketch Middle, and Radio Tokyo @ the Darien SPORTSPLEX: Darien, IL

Fri Feb 01 Danger Adventure w/Gaberdine, Forty Piece Choir, Wish List @ Double Door

Fri Jan 25 Danger Adventure w/Bric-A-Brac, Utah Carol and the Humboldt 2 @ Beat Kitchen

??kerble w/Rectangle as Pavement for the Great Cover Up @ the High Dive: Champaign, IL



Thu Nov 15 Danger Adventure w/Detholz! Freakalicious Alien Booty, Quasar Wut Wut @ Double Door

Fri Oct 19 Danger Adventure w/Rectangle and Space and Noise Productions @ Big Horse

Sat Jun 30 Danger Adventure w/Fever Dog, Radio Hour, and Mumbo Jumbo @ Big Horse

Thu Apr 12 Danger Adventure w/Bric-A-Brac, Jessica Billey and others @ Hideout

Fri Mar 30 Danger Adventure w/Rectangle and the Differents @ Big Horse

Fri Mar 02 Danger Adventure w/Rectangle, Forty Minute Finish, Beckett @ Illinois Disciples Foundation: Champaign, IL

Fri Feb 14 Danger Adventure @ Mozart House


Danger Adventure w/Royce @ the Coffee and Tea Exchange

Danger Adventure w/Rectangle and Okkervil River @ the Brass Rail: Urbana, IL

Danger Adventure w/Ring:Cicada, Re:Rec @ Loft



Thu Mar 16 kerble w/V for Vendetta and Star Death @ the A Zone (cancelled)

?? kerble @ the A Zone



Sat Oct 16 kerble w/Drooz @ Underground Lounge

Sat Jun 19 kerble w/Villacoula and Prologic Rebel Base Ensemble @ Red Herring: Urbana, IL

Sat Jun 12 kerble w/Rectangle, the Viper and His Famous Orchestra, and Bargos Steeler @ Phyllis’ Musical Inn



Oct kerble as Devo w/Dr. Morg and the Ten-Legged Funk Machine@ Halloween House Party

Aug kerble solo @ House Show: Urbana, IL

Sat Feb 13 kerble w/Rectangle and Ring: Cicada @ Green House: Urbana, IL



Thu Oct 10 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Side Project, the Mibs @ Mabel’s: Champaign, IL

Sep 01 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Nastybake, Angie Heaton, and the Viper @ the Blind Pig: Champaign, IL

Fri Apr 18 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Mealticket, Shotwell, and the Articles @ IDF: Champaign, IL

Fri Mar 14 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Mustard Plug and Skali Baba: Illini Union Courtyard Cafe: Urbana, IL

Mar 05 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Viewfinder, and Paris Films Five @ the Blind Pig: Champaign, IL

Sat Feb 22 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/the Parka Kings, the MIBs and the Tupacs @ Bradley University Garrett Center: Peoria, IL

Feb 07 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Boogie Shoes and Knee-Deep Shag: Mabel’s: Champaign, IL

Jan 31 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Cassius Clay, Prime Meridian, and Skali Baba: Mabel’s: Champaign, IL



Fri Dec 06 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Static Circus and an Unnamed Urbana Band @ Illinois House: Urbana, IL

Fri Nov 22 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/the Independents and Skinnerbox: Fireside Bowl

Tue Oct 29 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/the Urge and Fragile Porcelain Mice @ Mabel’s: Champaign, IL

Fri Oct 04 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Teen Idols, A.Y.A. and Chuck 7 @ Red Herring: Urbana, IL

Sep 28 Roscoe P. Soultrane @ WEFT Fest: Champaign, IL

Sat Aug 31 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/the Drovers, My Brother’s Keeper, and Prime Meridian for Illinois After Dark @ Stadium Terrace Field: Champaign, IL

Sun Apr 28 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Braid, Sarge, Prime Meridian, Orange Whip, Castor, and others for Band Jam @ South Quad: Champaign, IL

Sat Apr 27 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Civic, Ginko, Soulstice, Herring Boys, and Free Range Chicken for Forbes Fest @ Forbes Hall: Champaign, IL

Fri Apr 05 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Greenhouse, and Rif-Raff: Illini Union Courtyard Cafe: Urbana, IL

Sat Mar 02 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Back of Dave, Plug, and Civic @ the Channing-Murray Foundation: Urbana, IL

Sat Jan 27 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Mustard Plug and the Fuzz @ Mabel’s: Champaign, IL

Wed Jan 24 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Regatta 69 @ the Blind Pig: Champaign, IL



Sat Dec 09 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Braid, Beezus, the Patrick Dance, Rainer Maria, Hand to Mouth, and Supporting Actress @ One World Cafe: Champaign, IL

Sat Nov 11 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Ska Humbug and Skamikaze @ Earlham College: Richmond, IN

Sat Nov 04 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Let’s Go Bowling and the Cowslingers @ the Channing-Murray Foundation: Champaign, IL

Fri Oct 27 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Thirty Seconds Deep and Chapstick @ One World Cafe: Champaign, IL

Fri Oct 20 Roscoe P. Soultrane w/the Blue Meanies and NIL-8 @ Mabel’s (or Channing-Murray Foundation?): Champaign, IL

Roscoe P. Soultrane w/ @ WEFT Trailer

Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Band Jam Last Show w/ Braid, Viewfinder and others @Cow Hangar?

Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Honeydew, Killswitch, ?? Cornfield Indiana

Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Holy Roman Empire :Terra Haute, IN

Roscoe P. Soultrane w/I-Pan @ Mabel’s: Champaign, IL

Roscoe P. Soultrane w/Computer guy Illini Union: Urbana: IL


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