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Faiz Razi is a Teacher, Composer, Designer and Event Coordinator, among other things. He received his BA from DePaul’s College of Education, and holds an MA from Columbia College in Interdisciplinary Art. In addition to nine years in Chicago’s public and private schools, he has run a math and reading center for twenty-five years, and has tutored privately in almost every subject under the sun. As a composer, he has written and recorded at least an album a year since 1998 and has toured the U.S., Canada and Spain. He plays a dozen instruments, is a highly sought-after session musician, and has developed several pieces of community-based experimental music technology.

Razi has designed over a dozen websites, but leans more towards art-related graphic design and illustration–making countless album covers, magazines, flyers, t-shirts, logos and the like. He was an international booking agent for several years, and has organized and curated over 600 events, performances, panels, and festivals, most notably the award-winning exhibit, Nomadic Studio.

On the fun side of things, he speaks four languages, has a black belt, and his ability to sing a mean Zeppelin resulted in his becoming both a Check, Please! All-Star, and a minor local celebrity. For the past twelve years, he has been a moderator at the Electrical Audio forum, an online discussion board with over 10,000 registered users, where his near-eidetic memory has garnered him an Urban Dictionary entry. He also has a guitar pedal, a half-dozen poems and songs and a beverage named after him. He lives in Chicago

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